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Hi, Ich bin Flix! I created this YouTube channel to spread the word and the love for the best game in the world: Poker! Everything I learned about life or bu. New #bankroll peak on day 8 of #grindingitup @PokerStars @PSTeamOnline Home · xflixx · Podcast · Shop · Buch Mich · Twitch · Home · xflixx · Podcast · Shop · Buch Mich · Twitch. POKER IS THE PUREST FORM. OF COMPETITION.

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Hand This hand is interesting and I am honestly unsure whether or not I played it well. I raised from middle position with pocket tens and got reraised by a pretty tight player.

The flop was and I called his continuation bet with my overpair and the turn came a 9. He shoved all in for the size of the pot and I called.

He had AK and the river came a king. This is the interesting thing about poker because on the surface it looks like I played it well and just got unlucky on the river.

However I am thinking that on that board it is more likely he had a better overpair or a set and the only hands he would bet for value that I beat are A8 and A9.

However I am not sure how often he would be bluffing and it is hard to tell whether or not I played this hand well. Well those are the major hands I played.

The two times I bluffed into villains who showed strength and the light shove calling are very concerning to me.

I also have noticed that I tend to play well when I am down and poorly when I am up so psychologically I need to tweek my brain to stop taking shots just because I am doing good.

Anyway thank god I got that rebate today so even though I am down over nine euros my bankroll is still at about Two good bits of new today. First off, after playing just hands today, my bankroll is up to This means that: A.

I am hoping that this is the start of me playing better and if I can eliminate just one big mistake per session then I should be able to start to achieve a steady win rate instead of the roller coaster this first week has been.

All in Adjusted statistical amount I would have one according to all in equity and therefore more or less the amount I should have won if there was no luck involved : 4.

The reason it is better to have a high PFR is because aggression is key to No limit holdem. However if you bet then you have two ways to win.

They might call your bet and then you must have the best hand just as you would if you check called, but you might also make them fold and therefore win the pot, potentially with an inferior hand.

Net won is 1. The good news is my all in adjusted is above the net won which means I got unlucky a couple times and usually in the long run luck evens out so I should be getting some luck on my side eventually.

My fold to blind steal percent is actually pretty low meaning that I defend my blinds too often. These last three I am relying on a very helpful thread on twoplustwo and accordingly this is how I stand.

So overall my statistics are doing quite well, and I only have about hands so some of these could change as my sample size gets large, especially the ones that appear on rarer occasions.

Analyzing this has been helpful and the main changes I am going to try to make are to fold more speculative hands preflop, and to not defend my blinds so aggressively.

If anyone is curious and has questions please feel free to leave a comment. Today I finished the day with my bankroll at Still not back in the profit, but definitely better to be down 4 euros than the 8 euros I was down yesterday.

I guess the poker gods heard my complaints yesterday about not getting any action with my kings and Aces, because that is why I was able to build back up today.

The one hand that had the biggest impact was in the middle of the session, when I opened with KK and got 2 callers. Then on the river I hit my money card, a third king to make my set, which is extremely lucky because as it turns out my opponents held JJ and 77 which made it pretty simple for all of us to be all in by the end of the hand and me to take down a three and a half euro pot.

My other interesting hand of the day, also with pocket kings, was where I reraised and then an opponent who I had only played a couple dozen hands with and had no reads on shoved all in.

Honestly in this situation it is hard to know what exactly is the best thing to do. Sickest beat ever, but we digress and AK which you have dominated.

Honestly most of the time he will have aces, but against an unknown opponent it is also possible that he shows garbage like Q10 or So, yah, I called with my Kings, he had aces, and there goes two euros.

Hopefully I can continue playing well and keep on Grindingitup as the name of the challenge suggests. As the old poker saying goes, poker is hard way to make and easy living.

Oh, and the graph. Last time i lost my whole bankroll in a few days because I got bored of 2NL and played 5 NL too soon and ended up losing 5 euros.

However, the encouraging thing was that during those hands, and the first thousand of this challenge, it looked like I could beat 2 NL and play fairly profitably.

This made me excited, but the past hands have had a pretty solid downward slope. I am starting to think that my initial success was either just luck in the short term, or the other option.

I think that due to the fact that there are so few regular players on this site I wish I could play on pokerstars. But now that I have been playing more, the regulars have figured out how to exploit my play and now it will be much harder to beat.

So now I think I need to go back and do two things:. Analyze the play of the other players that i play against often some players and I have thousands of hands of data , and find out how to exploit their play.

As you can see, those first hands were very promising, and if that would have continued, I would be up like 40 euros right now. The last hands have a definite downward trend that I need to seriously correct if I am ever going to win consistently.

Either that or move to Germany or Canada to play on Pokerstars. However this challenge, while the only stupidity is in my calls in 2NL not taking shots at higher levels, I am still getting frustrated.

While this session was still better than last session, I did have a few hands I played badly. However, what is really frustrating me is the lack of action I am getting with my good hands and the abundance of action playing back at my bluffs.

For example, I have had pocket aces 29 times during this challenge and they lost 4 times, but more frustratingly, 11 times they made me less than 10 cents.

It makes me angry when I have a great hand and no one plays back. Also just to top up my anger, on the last hand of the session making me quit before I go full on tilt , my 77 lost to 66 when they hit their set on the river.

Today was a different story. Today I played about hands of online poker, hit my new bankroll peak, and ended at my lowest point yet.

Right off the bat I hit a string of good cards that shot me up to over 7. This post is the purpose of this blog, because this spike in particular was caused by my own lack of self control and it is this needless bleeding of chips that I need to learn to control.

So, without delaying I am going to analyze the main bad hands that caused most of my loss. Still, I called off my hand too light and lost 2 euros as a result.

However we proceeded to see the flop of No help to me, but he bet out for But I foolishly called anyway. This was probably the worst hand I played all session, as my play on every street was both mathematically and strategically wrong.

Hand 3: The previous two hands happened within 2 minutes of each other although at different tables , and this next one happened 10 minutes after that so as you can imagine I was not having a good 15 minutes.

The flop came with one heart. The villain continued to lead out for 5BB into me which is a bit strange because I was the initial aggressor and I called, which was pretty standard because I was getting 2.

So here I should have assumed that he had either two pair, a set, a higher pocket pair, or at the very least a flush draw with overcards. Before I could act he shoved all in and I called.

If I had stopped to think about it i should have realized that the only thing I am beating is AJ and maybe a busted flush draw and should have folded but he had the pocket 5s for a set beating my top pair.

Hand 4: Not going to go into too much detail, but I had KQ and tried to triple barrel bluff when there was an Ace on the flop and he had an Ace so I lost 75 cents.

Hand 5: I had pocket nines and once again kept betting and calling even when there was a board. I need to stop getting attached to my top pairs in hands with such a dangerous board.

Well, of course he had the 7 for a straight. Sometime I wonder how I can make some of those moves because I know they are mistakes some of them I know at the time , but that is the main thing I need to work on.

I just think that if I had not made any of these major mistakes, instead of my current bankroll of Anyway this was a long post and I know it was a bit strategy intensive for those of you who have never studied strategy before, but this is what I need to do to improve if I am ever going to be able to be a professional or even just a consistent winner.

Better day today but I did not play as many hands as I did yesterday. I think playing 4 tables at once instead of 6 helps me stay focused and make better decisions.

I found that I was playing much better but still some room for improvement. I think tomorrow I will do some more hand analysis and stats review to see what I can work on.

This is good especially considering that my all in EV expected value is even higher at about 5 euros profit. I am going to attach the same graph as yesterday but this time with the adjusted all in equity.

Tomorrow I am going to try to put in some hands but i am pretty busy with some personal things and also may play in a small live tournament so it might not happen.

This graph has my actual earnings as the green line and my all in equity or expected value as the yellow one. The next graph I find to be interesting.

It once again has the total winnings in green, but also shows in red how much of it I won without a showdown by either stealing the blinds or betting and making the villain fold his hand.

The start of the day went well immediately bringing my profits to 7 euros, which is probably the highest it will be for at least a week.

After that I caught a few coolers which brought me back to a bankroll of Some of the hands were played badly but some of them were just classic situations where there is nothing to do about them.

One hand I played well but lost was when I played pocket 8s from the cutoff and got called by the big blind. After a flop of A we proceeded to enter a raising war until we were both all in the goal with a set of 8s.

Unfortunately he had pocket aces so I lost to an overset. Then I went on a bit of a heater and managed to grind my way back up to about 7 euros profit.

After that it was a rollercoaster of ups and downs. I had started playing 6 tables but unfortunately after a couple bad beats I went on tilt and ended the day at a bankroll of Hopefully after a fresh nights sleep I can get off to a good start tomorrow and end the day up once again.

Clearly I have a lot of work to do on both my game and self control. Today simply had to many bad plays and tilt which is something I need to eliminate if I am ever going to be successful moving up in the levels.

However, there is a bit of bright news. By my estimates I am about days from reaching VPPs for the year and when i do that I will earn a 10 euro rebate from pokerstars which should give my bankroll a bit of a boost.

Anyway, here are the newest graphs: This is the overall profit graph for all games: Here is the profit graph from the normal 6max tables: And finally here is the profit graph for the Zoom 6max tables: As you can see, I was doing great at the zoom tables until the late night session, when I fear mostly pros and regulars play, where I lost all the winnings in just two hands.

Nothing like losing a one million dollar buying tournament with pocket Aces versus pocket aces: -Q Anyways, thanks for reading, Jim.

But here is the Profit Graph, And thanks for reading, Jim. Hand called an all i 4bet with AQ only to lose to KK. So as always here is the profit graph, And thanks for reading, Jim.

I thought today I would share some of my playing stats for those of you who are interested: Hands played: 6, VPIP Voluntarily put money into pot preflop : And as always, here is the profit graph: Thanks for reading guys, I know this was a long one, Jim.

Until tomorrow, Jim. Thanks for reading, Jim. Jim's Grinding it up Challenge on Pokerstars. So I am just going to jump right into the analysis of some of the biggest hands.

Hand 1: Open from the small blind with pocket kings and get called by the button and UTG. The flop comes I bet, he raises, I 3bet and he 4bets the flop making the total pot about a euro.

The turn is a 3. He bets the pot and I raise all in and get called by 67 and the river is no help. Honestly he was a very loose player and played more than half of his hands.

I think that his 4bet was strong buy my calling it was ok because he could have lots of hands like overpairs and things like A7 along with flush and straight draws.

Again this was a very weak player making it hard to approximate his raising range because he is not aware of position so he would be raising with about the same hands UTG as he would be on the button.

The flop was 6-J-Q giving me a straight draw with two overcards. I checked and he bet half the pot giving me good enough odds to call. The turn was an Ace giving me top pair.

I bet the pot here which I think is ok because he is raising with such a wide range it is very possible he is on a hand like Q10, J10 or even something like Q8.

However he shoved on me and I called and he had K10 for a straight. This is why playing against weak players can be difficult because with stronger players it would be much easier to put him on a hand like AQ or AJ and lay it down but weaker players have such a wide range.

He is a pretty standard regular player so I can put him on a tight range because he is raising from UTG.

The flop was a 9 which doesnt change anything so when he shoved all in I called. I played it fine and got it in with an 86 percent chance of winning so I am very happy with this hand.

Hand 4: I called an open raise from middle position with KQ and the flop came K The turn came a 4 and he checked which I interpreted as a surrender so I bet the pot and he check raised me.

This is a very strong move and my mistake here was 3bet shoving all in. I should have respected his 3bet because he was a very good player and I had a lot of history with him suggesting he was a regular.

However i did not fold and he showed pocket fours which made his set of the turn and I lost that one. Hand 5: I opened with Q10 suited and got two callers The flop was A with two of my suit so I cbet half the pot and got just one caller.

Turn was another Ace so I checked and my opponent checked behind. This was a very weak player so I thought there was a good chance he had a hand like trip aces or a weaker flush and thought I was trying to buy the pot so I called but he had me beak with the AK high flush over my AQ high one.

There was also a flush draw on the board. Hand 7: Top two pair lost to top set against a tight passive player.

Hand 8: This was a hand that was just bad luck on my part but that was played fine. Hand 9: This is a hand I won despite playing badly which I guess evens out the luck factor from hand 8.

I had AJ suited in the small blind and called a raise and 3bet to make the pot 40BB going into the pot. The flop came J giving me top pair.

I bet out for the pot which was a mistake because he 3bet preflop which shows a lot of strength. He shoved on my and I called and he showed pocket queens so he had me dominated but I hit a third Jack on the turn and won it.

I know this analysis makes it seems like I was losing all the time but remember I played hands today and I also won a lot of big pots against these weak players.

Overall I won 3 euros today and hopefully that trend will continue. This means that there are far less people playing than there are on pokerstars.

I know that I am a long way away from this being a problem and honestly may never reach that level, but I want to be prepared because I can play up to NL at the 6max tables.

Therefore I am going to try to start switching over to 6max tables, which is what this challenge actually uses anyway. Hopefully I can adjust quickly and be able to beat both games soon enough.

When in doubt, per Dr. Why do people grind Tetris App Gratis teeth? Related Stories. The pathological wearing away of tooth substance by mechanical means.

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Grindingitup Folge Flix-Rants: Ass König sieht gut aus Poker Podcast, den du einfach Puzzle Kostenlos Puzzeln einem Klick bei iTunes abonnieren kannst. Bericht vom PokerOlymp. I ended the day at But here is the Profit Graph, And thanks for reading, Jim. I am still playing 2NL and the initial results seem promising. Online Casino Stake7 I won 3 euros today and hopefully that trend will continue. Nothing like losing a one million dollar buying tournament with pocket Aces versus Grindingitup aces:. No you can see how badly the rest of the day went. He shoved on my and I called and he showed pocket queens so he had me dominated but I hit a third Jack on the turn and won it. However, despite this Neue Candy Crush Spiele was able to Online Slots Free a significant profit and finished the day with my bankroll at I played hands at two zoom tables and managed to win 4. However I got lucky and the turn came a 10 giving me top set and winning a Kampa-Halle Kommende Veranstaltungen size pot that put me up to euro bankroll. At the beginning of the day, I started off strong and got the bankroll up to euros and at the same time got a 10 euro rebate from pokerstars bringing it up to euros. I know this analysis makes it seems like Grindingitup was losing all the time but remember I played hands today and I also won a lot Grindingitup big pots against these weak players.
Grindingitup Tach Leude, ich bin der Flix! Als Profi Poker Spieler und Poker Coach streame ich seit fast täglich meine Turniere und erkläre euch, wie das Spiel funktioniert. Wenn ihr Fragen habt, haut sie einfach in den Chat!. grind up To pulverize something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "grind" and "up." My daughter has a hard time swallowing pills, so I grind up her antihistamine tablets. Grinding it UP! Poker Podcast [GER] #grindingitup from $80 to $ Watch me build a Poker bankroll #grindingitup from $80 to $ with 6-max no limit cashgames!. Support. Support and counselling via eMail under: [email protected] Shop service. Contact Information. Allgemeine Geschäftsbedigungen General Terms and Conditions. Hi, Ich bin Flix! I created this YouTube channel to spread the word and the love for the best game in the world: Poker! Everything I learned about life or bu.
Grindingitup grind it out To continually work on a difficult task. I've been grinding it out, trying to figure out where this discrepancy in the budget came from. See also: grind, out grind out 1. To produce something by crushing or pulverizing, as through a machine. A noun or pronoun can be used between "grind" and "out." The workers in here are grinding out flour. 2, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘grindingitup’ hashtag. grindingitup streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. Poker E-Books. Get started #grindingitup from $80 to $ Grinding it UP! #2 - First Steps on 2NL Zoom Poker. 1/ Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. Hi, Ich bin Flix! I created this YouTube channel to spread the word and the love for the best game in the world: Poker! Everything I learned about life or bu. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Home · xflixx · Podcast · Shop · Buch Mich · Twitch · Home · xflixx · Podcast · Shop · Buch Mich · Twitch. POKER IS THE PUREST FORM. OF COMPETITION.

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